Features of the System
  • Secure - all data stored and transferred to/from the Parent Portal system is encrypted via a 256 bit encryption system. This is the same level of encryption used by banks when you access your account online.
  • Parent Login - you will have a unique username and password to access the system. You may change the password as frequently as you wish and these details should be kept private.
  • It works across multiple schools - if you have children in several schools all of which use the Parent Portal system then using your single username and password you are able to access information on any of your children and any individual school specific information.
  • Child’s Personal Details - you are able to view, and request updates to, your children’s personal details including name, address, DOB, gender and form details.
  • Attendance - you can access near real time information on your child’s attendance at school. You will be able to see your child’s attendance as frequently as the school takes the register. Some schools take a morning and afternoon register other schools take a register each lesson. You can request an email or text (SMS) notification of absence of your child if you would like to do so.
  • Parent Details - details of other people with parental responsibility for your child are detailed on the site for each child. The ability to request an update to these details is supplied.
  • Timetable - you are able to view your child’s timetable information from within the Parent Portal.
  • Notifications and Newsletters - are all available within the Parent Portal system. Notifications are used to notify you of something that affects your child eg child missing from school or school trip late returning. You can request notifications by email or text (SMS) if you wish.

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